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Passive Income with PhotoSale

Meat Sellers at the start of the Lagos Meat Van era. Ojuelegba, Lagos Nigeria.

It’s not news that there is a dire need for more jobs in this country. Years and years of genuine endeavours amidst floundering efforts by the government has led to the same situation. No Jobs. Scratch that. Too few Jobs.

After all is said and done, perhaps it will be wise for to start taking the bull by the horn. If a white collar job is not forthcoming, perhaps a “blue collar” one can still foot the bills. At least, any income is better than no income. This is where Passive Income comes in. Do something once, reap benefits from it many many many times over.

Enter PhotoSale.

It’s also not news that there is a huge deficit of original African images on the internet. Web Designers, Creative Media Agencies and the likes know only too well this scourge. The (Nigerian) Photographers who should be taking shots of the everyday African moments are however unable to do so. You ask why? Who will pay them for taking shots of the world-reknown traffic situation of Lagos State? Or shots of the happy children in their pants racing along the street, rolling discarded motorbike tires with sticks? Or even the clamor in front of Mama Pepper Rice in GRA where hungry men can hardly wait to sit to a meal of peppery deliciousness?

While everyone focuses on the most popular photography niche in Nigeria, namely Wedding Photography, there’s a huge opportunity in also looking elsewhere. And providing the market place for that has been my utmost pleasure.

PhotoSale seeks to bring together the photographers and the media houses who are constantly in need of high resolution images of different kinds. It also seeks to create the need in the minds of Photographers, where the need hitherto did not exist, to take their photography and passive income to another level.

PhotoSale has been built with ease of use in mind. Signup, load up your photos (no limit to the number of photos you can upload) , grab and distribute your store URL. You can be up and ready to sell within five minutes. All your precious photos are automatically watermarked to prevent theft while the original image is delivered to customers untouched. You can even track your sales from your own dashboard. And your earnings? Easy Peasy. We recommend setting up quick account with VoguePay. We will transfer your earnings to your VoguePay Wallet on a monthly basis and you can securely transfer your earnings to your bank account from your VoguePay Wallet.

All prices for your photos are set by you, all we do is take a little token from each sale, we even take care of the payment gateway charge, making sure photographers earn full value for the sale and our esteemed customers also do not pay any extra charge. No Monthly subscription, no signup fees. Buy what you want, when you want.

We have also documented most of the questions we are sure you would ask in the FAQ section. Be sure to take a look at it.

Photographers, it’s time to start earning a steadily increasing passive income. Let’s succeed together.

As a final note, and as a sort of pre-launch announcement, PhotoSale is not the only trick we have up our sleeves. We would be rolling out BookSale for the authors and writers. It would facilitate the sale of eBooks. So get writing that book you’ve been postponing. We would also be rolling out MediaSale. It focuses on every other type of media, audio, video, software etc. And lastly the Big One: Its a secret. These services will be rolling out in about a fortnight from the date of this post. If you would like to be notified when we launch, kindly leave your email address with us in the opt in form at the top of this website.

Cheerio good people.

Ayodeji A A

The PhotoSale Team.



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