[symple_accordion_section title=”How many photos can i upload?”] You can upload as many photos as you want. However, for now, you can only upload one photo at a time. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”Can i set the price for my photos”] Yes. You are at liberty to set the prices for your photographs. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”How do i get paid?”] PhotoSale makes use of VoguePay payment system to pay its vendors their earnings. With VoguePay, you can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account. Click here to signup for VoguePay at no extra cost. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”How frequently can i get paid?”] PhotoSale pays its vendors their respective earnings within the first week of every month.  [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”Can i request for my earnings at any time?”] Yes you can. Upon request, PhotoSale will transfer the requested amount to your VoguePay account. this will involve an additional flat fee of N100. Your funds transfer request will be effected within an hour. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”What percentage does PhotoSale earn for helping me sell my photos?”] PhotoSale earns 30% of the sale while vendors earn 70% [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”Who pays the transaction gateway charge? The vendor? The buyer? or Photosale?”] PhotoSale pays the transaction gateway charge. We want to keep both our vendors and clients happy. Vendors get 70% of their sale and clients don’t pay any extra gateway charge. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”What Payment Methods are accepted on PhotoSale”] PhotoSale accepts MasterCard, Visa, Verve and VouguePay Payments. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”Can I get a direct url to all my photos on PhotoSale?”] Yes, the link to your personal photo store on PhotoSale is right in your vendor dashboard. You can share this link with prospective customers. [/symple_accordion_section]