How to Set Up Your Photo Store on PhotoSale

If i had these colours, I would be proud too.

Hello and welcome to PhotoSale. PhotoSale was built with ease of use in mind in order to facilitate the sale of digital photos. You can therefore set up your own digital photo store within 5 minutes. Yeap, 5 Minutes.

Here’s how it works. PhotoSale is a digital marketplace. Only Soft copies of Digital Images are sold here, therefore all products sold here are downloadable products. As a photographer you can signup as a Vendor and start selling immediately. The steps are as follows


1. Signup as a vendor

2. Login to your account on PhotoSale and click on Vendor Dashboard on the Menu

3. Click on Add Product on your dashboard.

4. Fill the form to submit your photo for review. Please note that all fields are important. Especially the categories. This helps in placing your photos in the right section. Select all that apply. Please note that for now, you can only upload one image at a time.

4A. Download Title –  The download title is the title of your photo. Eg, Sitting Bird

4B. Description – Add a description for your image, this will help explain what is going on in the picture and can also help increase its sales.

4C. Prices and Files – You will need to put your high resolution photo in a Zip file. On your PC, right click your high resolution photo and click send to compressed (zipped) folder. Set the price for your photo, Click Upload then click upload files at top left to select the zip file for upload. Click Insert File Url after upload is complete. (Note, please wait for file upload to complete before clicking insert file url. Also note that you can only upload one photo at a time).

4D. Download Category – Select the category your photo belongs to. Select all that apply.

4E. Tags – Enter the appropriate tags associated with your photo with each tag separated by commas. Eg, a photo of a dog and a cat could belong in the nature and animal categories but could have tags such as dogs, cats.

4F. Featured Image – The featured image of your photo should be a lower resolution image Eg 1024 x 768 pixels. No need for this to be placed in a zip folder.

4G. Accept Terms – Accept terms of service. Please make sure you have the right to upload photos for sale. PhotoSale will not be liable for unauthorized sale of Photos.

Once you have filled everything correctly, click on Submit. We will review your submission and you will be notified as soon as your photo is approved for sale on PhotoSale. You can go ahead and upload as many photos as you want, review and approvals usually do not last longer than 10 minutes.

Your Photos will be automatically watermarked to prevent theft, and only the purchased file is delivered Un-watermarked.

You can grab your personal Photo Store URL from your vendor dashboard. This is a public link and it can be shared with any one on the web. They will see your collection of your photos. Let the sale of your digital photos begin.



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