Selling Digital Photos – Best Practices


PhotoSale is devoted to making sure you get the best out of your online digital photography business. This is why we would continue to provide guides for you follow. These guides can serve as a manual for your successful business online

What photos can I sell?

We get asked this question a lot of times, and it is just as well that we answer it here. Photographs are the only way to capture and freeze the passing moment. It is also commonly said: A picture is worth a thousand words! So in dealing with the question of what kind of photos you can successfully sell online, we would classify them into different categories. You can hopefully then turn on your creativity and fly with your chosen niche.

Nature Photography

This is one of the easiest niches to shoot as nature is all around you. The photo becomes even more interesting when you can get close ups of unsuspecting animals. Think wall hangings and you’ll get the idea.

Pose Photography

This sort of photography is more specialised. This often needs experienced models and more experienced photographers. It can also sometimes require that the shots be taken in a controlled environment like a studio. Media agencies, web design agencies etc usually require these types of photographs and it can be really lucrative.

Shots of the Moment

This type of photography usually requires some experience, a ready shutter and a quick mind to decide whether a scene is worth the shot or not. These kinds of shots document the everyday life around you. Example of these type of shots could be children running in the street, hawkers peddling wares. These types of shots may also be used by media houses for documentaries and the like. The more natural and authentic your photo is, the higher its probability of selling well.

Selling Strategy.


While we appreciate the need to want to sell your awesome digital photos, it is also good practice to give away some of your photos for free. Yes for free. Customers who have downloaded your photos for free are more likely to buy from you when they see your more awesome photos.


We also often find that vendors are sometimes at a loss as to what prices they should set for their photos. This should serve as a guide. Minimum price acceptable on PhotoSale is N500. Although there is no maximum limit set to your photos, your photos should be reasonably priced. Customers would often prefer to buy a bundle of photos containing 5 or more photos.

We hope that these few tips will help you along in your photography business. If you have any questions or more ideas to share with us, kindly leave them in the comment section below.

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