The Good Year for Nigerian Startups


Kudos to Nigerian Startups that still make it work despite all odds!

Nigeria startups face the same gamut of issues that startups elsewhere also face. Under-funding, Over funding, Rush to market with half-finished product etc.

Ideas Abound. Implementation however, is a different ball game. I remember a few years ago when i first fell in love with Web Design. It was a new world. Like the gradual opening of a new flower to the warming sunlight. There was something interesting to learn at every turn. It was especially fun because it was my conscious decision to go ahead and learn Web Design.

About 5 years have passed between that day and today, and in retrospect, it is amazing what effects a single good decision can have if you follow through with it. Ofcourse there were rough patches along the way when it seemed too hard, but then again it all looked easy when you could always count on Google to provide answers to tough questions.

A valuable lesson learned along the way is this: Stay so positive in everything to you, so positive that even when it fails, you don’t realize it failed. Just another opportunity to start again, this time more intelligently.

The Economic landscape of Nigeria has changed much in the last 5 years. Jumia broke all the online payments myths and now everybody shops online, even PayPal could not resist the Nigerian Market and they have also suspiciously pitched their tent too. The number of Nigerian Startups has also drastically grown. This too, is good for the economy. Imagine what a thousand successful Nigerian startups can add to the economy!

A pat on the back

I personally feel that anyone who has the guts to go the way alone or with his cronies putting all their might into turning an idea into something tangible, must be commended. Whether something comes of the venture or not.

In my wanderings around the internet, i have stumbled upon many things that when they eventually come to the fore, they will take business in Nigeria to another level. Overall, It’s a good year for Nigerian Startups and I believe that the coming years will even be better.

Another Startup Lesson

Apart from assuming that every business needs money or capital in order to kickoff the ground, startups get so carried away with their ideas that they forget that the customer is king here. Often times so much money is spent on building something that nobody wants or developing a killer feature that the customer eventually found annoying. I’ve had my fair share of those too. Key lesson: Customer feedback is more than essential! The customer dictates where you should be heading, or whether you should even stop altogether.

While it is always the dream of every startup to become successful, it can however not be achieved by shortcuts or by growth hacking (a recent phrase that has now been flying around the internet). If you do not give value, you cannot receive value in return. Satisfy the customer and they will become your evengelists…

Kudos to Nigerian Startups, who, despite the mountain of odds that on the Nigerian system can stack against anyone, still find a way to make it work.

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Cheerio good people.


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